Move Windows 7 Taskbar Icons In The Center With TaskDock

Windows 7 taskbar icons or buttons are quite large they take hell lot of space, so it would be great if they can moved to right or left or in center so as to release some space for some others programs, however you can also make them smaller by resizing the taskbar icons in windows 7


TaskDock is free to use program which allows you to move windows 7 taskbar [ superbar ] icons in the middle center of the taskbar, all the icons shown in the windows 7  taskbar will be always centrally aligned irrespective of the number of taskbar buttons or icons shown at a given point of time.

Even of you have some pinned items in your windows 7 taskbar they will also get centrally aligned with other icons which are there due to temporary, all these icons will be dynamically centrally aligned as per the number of items in windows 7 taskbar aka superbar.

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