Move or Change Windows Users Profile Directory With Profile Relocator

Profile Relocator allows you move or re locate windows users profile directory, this small utility allows to change the windows users profile directory in easy step by step procedure. This small utility would be helpful to many users who may not want to store their important profile data onto the system directory, more importantly profile data is more safe when it is not in the system directory where there is the direct attack of virus or any malware is possible which might corrupt your profile data files.

This simple to use profile data locator is designed to work on windows 7, windows xp and vista, Here is the step by step procedure explained below to change the user profile directory.

After downloading and extracting, run this portable utility by double clicking the executable Profile Relocator, and select the language if it ask for it.


Now specify the new profile directory where you want to move your profile data, better specify some other drive on your hard disk other the system drive on which operating system in installed.


Once you specify the new directory, click the start button on the application interface to start the coping of your profile data files onto the new location.


Download Profile Relocator

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