Move Mouse To Screen Corners To Run Programs, Files, Web Address and More

Clicking with your mouse is one task which no one can avoid or ignore since every process which is to be run on the computer needs to clicked upon. One might be able to show off a little bit by controlling the computer solely by the keyboard,but the fact remains that mouse is an essential part of the computer.

Hot Corners

Times and again we also come across programs or software where the interface does not recognizes a keyboard and we waste hell lot of time trying to bring the outlined box around the desired button to be clicked using the TAB key.Even at such situation the mouse is only way to get through those simple yet intricate situations.

What if one can open the program or file of his or her wish without clicking and just by hovering the mouse pointer?Does it sound something funny?Well its not funny at all as we are going to talk about a small utility covering 1 MB developed specially to let you open what you want without a click of the mouse.

Hot Corners is one such amazing utility designed to access programs ,files and web addresses of your choice simply by hovering your mouse(which you normally do all the time) over to a dedicated area on your computer screen. The program uses the four corners of your screen as access points of your dedicated applications.

How To Use Hot Corners

  • The utility does not need to be installed and can be opened easily.Once opened an icon appears is the system trayHot COrners System Tray Icon
  • Right click on the utility and select SETUP AND INFO which will open a window further for configuring your applications

Hot Corners

  • The four boxes are to be provided with the full path of your Programs,Files or Websites you wish to use and after doing so click Okay.
  • After this you can hover around the corners of your screen opening your applications or other stuff without worrying for the click.
  • To remove the file or anything from a specific corner,open the setup again and clear the path completely and click okay and the corner will not be used further.

Important Note

If you wish to open a website it is recommended that you provide the full web address otherwise the application will crash once you hover your mouse over the dedicated corner.

Download Hot Corners

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