Move Focus Over Opened Windows On Mouse Hover With Mouse Activate

Mouse Activate is a free to use utility which moves focus to any opened window just by moving the mouse over the opened window, it will automatically activate a window or a control when the mouse hovers over it, or auto click if the mouse is left in the same place for 1 second.

[ as shown in the video below ]

This small application makes it more easier to activate or move focus any program window without needing to click anymore. As tested by us this program works on xp, vista and windows 7

Some Key Features Which You Can Get By Editing the MouseActivate.ini File

1. Edit the ini-file to change the settings
2. Activate a window or a control
3. Move the mouse to the upper left corner of the screen to show or hide the desktop
4. Move the mouse to the top edge of the screen to send the active window to the back
5. Move the mouse to the left edge of the screen to bring the bottommost window to the top
6. Enable and disable Mouse Activate by double clicking the tray icon.

Note: You can edit the MouseActivate.ini File just by right clicking the system tray icon of mouse activate and select Settings

Download MouseActivate

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