Move Files Of Specific File Types and Extensions With FileToFolder

There could be a requirement when you may want to move the files of some specific files types to move from one folder to another folder, lets understand this with an example. Mostly all of us keep downloading files from internet of different file types in one single download folder. So, at the end you may want to move all the movies and video files you downloaded in the download folder to some specific movies or videos folder on your PC.

In such a case FileToFolder is a freeware program which helps you move files from one folder to another based on your files types, but it works in a different way as it will take all the files which matches with the file types you had specified and create a folder with the same name as of the file and moves all the files in these folder.


As it creates a folder for each file in the same directory path which you specify, it does seem to be much useful but for some people it could be. We had reviewed a similar program called Digital Janitor which is better than this tool featured above. Another

Download FileToFolder | Check Out Some Similar ProgramsvFolderCopier | Desktop Teleporter

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