Move, Copy Files Having Same, Identical Names On Windows

If you copy gigabytes of data from one location to another on a windows system, you will notice that there are some limitations of the default file copier. Default file copier is unreliable and while you are transferring large number of files, it gets stopped due to some error, you are left with no indication what was copied and what wasn’t and it would be very difficult for us to manage which files were copied and which are left.

You might also have difficulty when you copy multiple files from one location to another location, there might be chances of files with same name in the destination folder. But you can ease all your file copying frustrations with the freeware application named File Copier. With File Copier, you can copy files easily and you can even copy your files into the destination folder with multiple naming options. This tool is simple to use and barely consumes main memory of your system. It even checks that if the file already exists with another name and helps you to ease your file copying frustrations with its features.


After installing, click on FileCopier.exe to open it. Then click on Add Source button to add multiple files from various source locations and select the files which you want to copy. After this, specify the destination folder. You can also specify method either you want to Copy-Paste or Cut-Paste. In the name option naming convention, you can choose from Data Counter, Overwrite, Intelligent By Name, Intelligent By Content. Files can also be deleted or you can choose do nothing once copy-paste is complete.

File Copier was specially designed to copy images of the camera images which generally generate the same name of the images and you can keep them in order by choosing copy-paste or cut-paste with Date, Time and Name of the file.


  1. Zach says

    Sure sounds like a great piece of software. Alas like so many other times I have seen great little apps, there is no download link to them. It is just like a locked door to the candy store. I will just keep on revisiting this page in hopes of the link being added.

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