Move A Window To Bottom Right Corner With WindowPositioner

There are times when you may have many windows opened at the same time, and in order to focus on some windows you may want to move some specific windows to the bottom right corner of the screen to save some space on your active screen.

In such a case Taskbar Helper could prove to be a nice program which can minimize and hide opened windows to system tray, or you can hide all the windows with a keyboard shortcut. Or if you don’t want to hide windows but want to move then to the corner of the screen you can use this free program called WindowPositioner

WindowPositioner is a simple, easy to use application designed to find a window by its name and reposition it at the bottom right corner of the primary screen. The standard name of the window can be found in the config-file in the root-folder of the application or from windows taskbar.


This application is good but some times finding a window name could be difficult and when you enter the name this program may not found that window, in such a case it consume your important which is some thing negative about this software, according to us this application is still needs major improvements.

Download WindowPositioner

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