Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Increase, Decrease Volume With Mouse

I have already reviewed some tools which can make it easier for you to increase or decrease the volume in the best possible manner. Initially i wrote the articles for the tools through which you can control the volume through the keys of the keyboard but today i will help you to control it with the help of your mouse. I will be reviewing a tool known as ‘Volumouse’ which will help you to do the same as mentioned above.

Recently, i reviewed a tool known as ‘VolControlz Latest version‘ with which you can assign any combination of key for controlling the volume. Every time i reviewed a similar new tool, it had some few advantages over the previous post. This tool will help you to control the volume with the help of mouse scroll button. If you are watching a movie or a video on VLC player, GOM player, iTunes and BSPlayer then you can control the volume with the help of scroll button. But you if you are working on any other application and listening songs then you can control the volume using a key on the keyboard along with the scroll key on the mouse.

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The snapshot of the application window of the tool is shown in the snapshot above. You can configure the settings for controlling the volume and then save it. In the scroll down menu you can select any option, like you can control the volume with the mouse when your cursor is on the taskbar, or when the VLC player is focused or when you have pressed alt key and other similar options will be available in the scroll down menu.

After completing the setting you can save that configuration at a particular location and you can choose that particular configuration anytime as per your convenience. When you will start controlling the volume, a level indicator will be shown at the cursor. The scale for volume level can be configured by a setting option available in every rule.

The size of this freeware is very small, i.e. around 200Kb and it will take few seconds to get installed. After getting installed you will not find it on the tray and also not on the desktop. It will be available in the start menu and when you launch it you will find it on the tray. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit ultimate edition.

Download Volumouse

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