More Than One Desktop Screen In Windows 7 is Possible With Virtual Desktops

Windows 7 has definitely brought the new advancements and expansions in the field of computers. Its distinct features make it a real and a nice OS for all kind of users irrespective of the domain and kind of work that the users do. But, still some of the features are missing and which can add more value to the OS for its users. Windows would benefit from features like a native virtual desktop implementation, but as already mentioned that is something Microsoft has yet to provide. Although, we may see that there are plenty of third-party apps that can add this to just about any Windows operating system, but more often than not they aren’t that great and hence doesn’t bring that experience for the users. Some of them are open source and hence available as freeware, but still the one which we are going to discuss today is simply distinct and different from all these.

WindowsPager is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a pretty helpful tool which definitely has some distinct features you’ll want to try out. You may observe that the main interaction you’ll have with WindowsPager, and it will be in the form of small previews displayed in the Taskbar. The best feature of this utility is that you can directly interact with these previews including dragging-and-dropping windows from one virtual desktop to another all from within the previews which is really a simple task even for casual users. Along with this, it also provides you a feature by which you can even have a window span multiple virtual desktops.


Of course all these mentioned previews windows only represent just one way that you can work with your virtual desktops. Along with this, there are some other ways also through which you can interact with your virtual desktops. Among these ways, we have a way through which you may simply switch to another desktop by simply clicking on the desktop in the Taskbar preview. Else, you may also use the keyboard shortcut ‘Control-Win-NumpadNumber’. You may then go to the left/right desktop with ‘Control-Win-(Left/Right)-Arrow key’.

Similarly, you may also move a window from one desktop to another by clicking on a mini-window for a short time until the cursor changed to a hand and then release it. After this, you may drag the mini-window from one preview-desktop to another. Along with these options, there are many other ways which you may use through this utility.

So, if you are at all interested then you may download the utility from the link given below and then you may explore its features.

WindowsPager Homepage

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