Monitor Which Websites Visited On Your Computer, Block Them As Per Category

Today I have got an application for you which will help you to monitor the internet and all the activities of your child. Now a days internet and social networking is becoming very popular and your child can become a victim to the cyber bullying. When such type of things happen to a child they mostly prefer to be client about it and don’t tell their about that and being a parent in such a case can be hard. So in order to see that such things don’t happen to your child you need to monitor all the activities of your child on the internet, but you can do that manually. Therefore today I have got an application for you named Qustodio which will help you to monitor the activities of your kids on the internet.

The application will help you to monitor  access limits. It will also protect your child against cyberbullying and inappropriate content. The application will allow you to set the account for a child who is already using this account. The application can also be set to run in hidden mode in windows or it may also run from the system tray. In order to monitor the activities you will have to create an account with Qustodio and all the activities will be uploaded in the you account on the website. You can also the block the sites that should not be opened by your child.

QustodioInstaller 4

This is the pop up window that will open when you will install the software after downloading it. The software after downloading sits in the system tray of the computer. It will show you whether the software is active or not. Using the configure option you can configure the tool.

QustodioInstaller 1

This is the window which will open when you will click the configure the option. This window will show you the history of the last 15 days on your computer. The site will show you all the websites that were visited.

QustodioInstaller 2

This window  will show you all the website categories that are currently enabled on your computer. It will also show you all the website categories that are disabled on your computer in Red color. you can disable or enable any category by clicking on it.You can also a website as an exception.

QustodioInstaller 3

In the above window you can set the Usage limits for your child. The limit can also be set separately for the weekdays and weekends.

Download Qustodio.

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