Monitor / Restart Crashed and Hanged Applications with knas Restarter

knas Restarter is a free to use application which is very useful to monitor the hanged or crashed programs. You can monitor any program with this application, it was originally made to monitor and restart the game servers. It will make sure that the monitored programs are always up and running.


It will automatically run the programs software with the set parameters is the software crashes or someone accidentally shuts it down, it also has option to log and raise alarms on critical events, you just need to check the option which says sound, so the next time the application you are monitoring hangs up it will give you a sound alert.

Following the key features of knas Restarter

1. It will monitor and restart the crashed or hanged applications

2. You can specify the parameters with the process

3. Optionally create shortcuts in the main menu

4. Have sound alerts when the application or the program you are monitoring are crashed or accidentally shutdown.

Download knas Restarter


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