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It is very frustrating if your computer is running very slow and you don’t even know what is causing it to do so ,normally to bring back your computer performance to normal, you resort to whatever utilities you are aware of in order to make your computer run as fast as it was running, when it was delivered to you. Normally running a few disk tools does the trick but what if it doesn’t work. There are many reasons which can cause a computer to run slow. One of these reasons is a lot of hard drive activity on the computer, this gets really annoying because sometimes you just don’t know how much activity is going on with your computers hard disk and this slows down the computer.This normally happens when a lot of programs you don’t use still keep their processes running in the background of the windows somewhere and use the performing capabilities of the hard drive for something which does no good to you.

Well, now with DriveGLEAM, a Free disk management utility , you can keep a track of how much activity is going on with your computers hard disk accordingly to the partitions present in it. This little tool enables you to see the read/write activity of your hard disk in the system notifications tray with help of small icons.It is very stable and does not hook up to your system, uses very less resources and hence is very efficient.

Now lets see how it looks like after running the software ,


There are three portions of this window

First option is Monitoring

In this window you will be able to see all the available hard drives and all the partitions present on it. Also columnwise it shows Unit , Type , Free percentage , Volumename and Filesystem with the port number.You can flag and select the units for which you want to display the read/write activity indicator icons .

Second part is Unit Options

Here you can select the options you have flagged before, to be shown in system notification tray or you can select the option for the output to be displayed to a parallel port with LCD’s attached to the external part of the computer .

Third option is Global options

Here you can enter the Activity poll interval and Load indicator intervals in milliseconds. You can then select the icons to be displayed separately or in a single icon mode as a keyboard LED or a static icon. You can also monitor multiple CPU’s in a network if you want. If you want to start this program to start with the operating system you can do that with the Start With OS option and set the delay to whatever seconds you want

You can also Disable , Hide or Quit the application any time you want by clicking on the corresponding button.

We chose to display the hard disk activities on four of the units in our computer and the icons shown in the system tray were as follows.


Four icons are shown in the system tray with the corresponding partition alphabet shown on the center, also it consists of two parts the upper one green which relates to the read access and the lower red one for the write access. The red or the green indicator glows whenever there is any activity in the corresponding read or write or the red or white access. So you can now easily make out which part if the memory is being used excessively and find out why so.

To conclude, this utility is useful for all the people who want to see the activity of their hard disk drives and find out the cause of their computer slowdown.Some additional features of this program are as follows :

  • Monitor both physical disks and partitions.
  • Read/Write separate activity indicators.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Does not use much resources.
  • No need to install.
  • Can be configured to start with the operating system.
  • Failure of the software does not cause the hard disk to freeze like other softwares.

This software was tested in a windows 7 pc with 32bit operating system.

Download DriveGLEAM

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