Modify Windows 7 Taskbar UI

Every time when a new OS is released then there are certain features that a user might not like, for example in Windows 7 the taskbar gets populated very quickly even if you open few applications, because now we can pin few applications on taskbar and thus they may eat up all the space. But as usual, we have certain tweak tools with the help of which you will be able to change the appearance and functionalities of taskbar as per your needs. You can call this tool as ‘7 taskbar tweaker’ and you can see the screenshot mentioned below.


Now you may notice that this application does not have any button named as ‘OK’ or cancel in its window. This is because as soon as you change any of the functionalities by selecting any of the checkboxes or radio button, the functionality will change automatically. For example, I am pretty fed up with the space on the taskbar which gets consumed so easily makes it over-populated. So I selected the highlighted option and this provided me very small extra space. Similarly you must have observed that Windows group the application windows by their application IDs, so if you want to put 2 Google Chrome separately on the taskbar then it is not possible, but by selecting the option as highlighted in the screenshot below you will be able to do that.


Similarly you can disable the thumbnail view which is created when we hoven our mouse over the taskbar icons. It can also provide the same right click context menu for the taskbar icons which was available in Windows XP. It can also combine all the similar taskbar icons and then de-combine them when you will hover your mouse over it.

Apart from these taskbar tweaks if you want to apply tweaks on your Windows 7 settings and thus make it faster and smarter, then you can use ‘WinEmPower’ or ‘SetteMaxer’ or ‘TweakNow’ (this tool can be used when you want your computer to be extra clean), you can also use ‘7 Quick Fix’, if you want to apply fixes for all the vulnerabilities observed in Windows 7 and use tweaks simultaneoulsy.

All the tweaks are clearly mentioned in the application and it will not be able a problem to use it. The size of this application is around 300 KB and it is not portable. This tool has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition and as it can be observed from the name of the application that this tool is only applicable for Windows 7 laptops and computers.

Download 7 taskbar Tweaker

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