Modify, Extract Info, Morph Clipboard Items On Mac OS X With ClipMorpher

While there are a lot of clipboard management tools available for Mac OS X (Clyppan was a nice one that we reviewed a while ago), there are hardly any tools that allow you to modify your copied snippets of text/data before you can paste them.

ClipMorpher is such a utility for Mac OS X, which allows you to perform some common operations on copied data, before you paste them elsewhere. Some of these operations are:

  • Conversion to lowercase: Simply navigate to the menu bar icon of ClipMorpher, and from the drop down menu, select lowercase. The most recently copied item on your clipboard is converted to all lowercase.
  • Conversion to uppercase: Similar to the above feature, conversion to uppercase is also supported.
  • While there are separate tools available which can convert any text to lowercase or uppercase, I have not seen any which integrate this functionality with the clipboard. Also, you can convert apply above conversions to any item that you copied to your clipboard, and not just the most recent one. To select an older item/snippet, navigate to it from the ‘History’ item in the drop down menu. You can also specify how many recent items are stored in history, by default this value is 15.

  • Remove line breaks: Some improperly formatted documents have unnecessary line breaks in between, these can conveniently be removed with this option.
  • Remove multiple spaces: Lots of times we encounter instances of text which have multiple spaces between two consecutive words in a sentence. This options reduces all extraneous spaces and just leaves 1.

Please also note that by default, if you enable ClipMorpher, all formatting is removed from any text copied to the clipboard. So if you have bold, italics, underline, shadow, strikethrough or similar effects that you want to retain in your text, you must disable ClipMorpher first.

While above stated utilities are useful, perhaps the most powerful feature of ClipMorpher is Morphlings.

Morphlings is just another name for regular expressions. This feature is for advanced users who are familiar with regular expressions used in command line tools such as grep or find. By specifying your own regular expressions for changes, you can perform limitless amounts of operations of your choice on any text that is copied to the clipboard. By default, two Morphlings are included:

  1. Extract URLs
  2. Extract email addresses

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