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Apps that are designed for Mac OS X are radically different than apps designed for other platforms. Not because the architecture of the underlying systems are different, but because a general observation is that developers who work on Macs appreciate good design and try to replicate the good design in their apps.

A big part of how good an app looks and how it is branded is its icon. An icon is the interaction mechanism between the user and the program, and nobody understands its importance more than Mac users.

Sadly, some of the developers who do not focus as much on their icons and other artwork taint the user experience for Mac users. If you are particularly choosy about application icons that sit in you /Applications folder or in your Mac OS X dock, you might want to customize icons or application themes. Sadly, there is no easy way to do this Mac OS X, because you have to open up the .app package, find the icon and then replace it with your own choice of icon.

iCondubber is a freeware app for Mac OS X that helps you quickly manage/change application icons or other artwork in bulk.

iCondubber allows you to:

  • Quick look – By a single click, you can view all bundled image files and icons in an application. This includes anything that constitutes a theme of the application – scroll bars, traffic light buttons, toolbars.
  • In-place editing – No matter what kind of format you have the replacement artwork/icon in, iCondubber can handle it. Thus you can edit existing icons and/or replace them with new ones. iCondubber will take care of all the associations.
  • Smart Install/Restore – Now you can apply new themes/icons without the need to reboot your system. This feature is experimental, and crashed the app for me, but hopefully will get better in time.
  • Open Theme Documents – iCondubber stores its icon themes in an open format, and incrementally, so its fully compatible with Time Machine. If anything goes wrong, you can restore with your Time Machine backup, and all your edited/customized icons will be restored.

Personally, I like my icons the way they are, but I also endorse customization, and believe that anybody who wants to skin/theme apps according to their own taste should be allowed to do so.

iCondubber is a very naive app right now, and has a lot to improve upon. It has bugs, leaks, and even crashed twice for me while testing. But in the end I was able to edit icons for a few apps and see the changes in my system without having to reboot. For people who like to skin and theme, this is your tool.

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  1. Frederic says

    Hi! I’m the developer of iCondubber and I have to notice that users have a bad habit: they complain but they don’t use the bug reporter so the software can’t get better… :D

    Please, send me a detailed mail to me describing the bugs you found.

    Thanks a lot

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