Modify, Change Facebook Fan Page URL With Custom Name

We all know that some time back facebook added new feature called vanity URL for facebook username that means that you can have a custom facebook profile page URL, at that time I created a vanity or custom URL for my profile on facebook as – reach me if you want to add me on facebook.

8-23-2011 12-04-24 AM

Now its been some time when facebook also enabled custom name or vanity URL for pages as well, this means that you can change the url of any facebook page and create a more suitable URL as per the name of the facebook page.

By default when you create a facebook page, it creates a random URL which is both the combination of name your specify for the facebook page and some random number as for example – when I created a facebook page for my new website, the URL of the page was

In order to modify there is no visible or easy to locate section where you can change the facebook page URL, but it exist on the same section or page on facebook from where you specify custom or vanity URL for facebook profile, follow the procedure.

1. Firstly go to and login with your account credentials as shown in the image below.

2. Now head to this page, to change the facebook username and edit the vanity URL for your facebook profile.

3. On this page, you will see the option to select the facebook page of which you are admin or if you created that facebook page, you just need to select the page for which you want to change the URL, if the page has enough likes and is popular and eligible enough you will see the text box to enter a custom username as shown in the image below.

facebook change fan page url

For new pages you might not see the option to specify the custom username for the facebook page, but they should get this feature enabled as soon as they get some likes on facebook.

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