Modify, Change Apple Boot Image Which Appears On Mac OS X While Booting

Every MacBook that runs Mac OS X, boots with a clean ivory colored screen and has a grey Apple logo right in the middle. No text, nothing. This is as clean as a bootscreen can get, and being a die-hard fan of Apple’s minimalism and design policies, I love this screen.

However, critics of the Mac OS X operating system have shunned it for being tightly closed and locked-down. Even though most people love the simplicity of Apple’s boot screen, you would be delighted to know that it can easily be modified or replaced by another image of your choice.

BootXChanger is a free and open source app for Mac OS X that allows you to change your boot screen image to whatever you want in a few simple steps. Do note that BootXChanger only works for Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 or greater.

Before you go ahead and try to change your boot screen image to something else, here are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • Png and gif support transparency, so if you want the background to match the rest of the screen use transparency.
  • Animated pictures are not supported.
  • The original logo is 90×90 pixels. If you want something the same size try and use another picture with the same dimensions.
  • Larger pictures can be used but they may be resized automatically and will not fill the entire screen.
  • If a picture is too large it may be ignored and no image will be displayed.

When you find the image you want to use as your boot screen logo, just drag and drop into the BootXChanger application window, and select ‘Apply’. You will be asked for your administrator password, which once entered, will completed the process.

BootXChanger comes with a few sample images which you can use, or you can obviously use your own if you like.

Download BootXChanger

(Source: How-To Geek)

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