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Sometimes you use some applications more frequently than any other applications and for doing that going to the desktop every time just to run the application can annoy you. One of the solution is that you can place the application in the  taskbar but if there are too many applications then it can clutter your taskbar. I have a solution for you, an application named  Windows 7 Tweaks. This application will help you to add the applications that you want to the windows desktop context menu, so that it becomes easier for you to launch the application using it from anywhere in your computer and you don’t have to navigate back to your desktop or to a location where the exe file for the application is located.

Windows 7 tweaks 1

This is the window that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading it, the software doesn’t require any installation it will run directly form its exe file. The tool has various buttons as you can see like Check status, Default icon, Remove Entries, Apply Changes and Add application. Check Status button is used to check status of the already added application. Remove Entries button is used to remove an entry of an application that you added. In SubCommands sub menu you have an option to change the icon of the category under which the application are placed in the desktop context menu. The name of the category under which the icons will be placed in the desktop context menu can also be changed just by clicking at the Name of the Context Menu Name field. You can also reorder the applications by moving them up and down in the desktop context menu using the Position drop down. Using the Add Application button another application can be added to the list in the desktop context menu.

Windows 7 tweaks 2

When you click on the Add Application button you get following options to add the applications. First option is the application name, you can put the name of the application that you want to add. Click the Browse Application button to give the location of the application on your computer. Using the Browse Icon button you can give the location of the icon that you want for that application in the desktop context menu, however its not mandatory. After doing these change you will click on the Add Application button and the application will be added to the desktop context menu.

Windows 7 tweaks 3

This is how you will be able to navigate to your application in your desktop context menu, just by right clicking on the computer. Then you should go to the name that you have given to your context menu under which there will be all the application that you have added and you can start the one you want.

Download Windows 7 Tweaks.

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