Minimize or Hide Any Opened Window To System Tray In Windows 7 With Window Minimizer

We had previously written about how to minimize any opened application window to system tray in XP and Vista, we have also covered some similar programs like Taskbar Helper, Today we have come up with a this small utility called Window Minimizer that allows you to minimize to the System Tray and restore each of the desktop window by clicking window icon in the system tray or pressing a user-defined hot key.

It allows you to hide any application program or windows explorer in windows 7 system tray just by pressing the hotkey defined in the program interface. The default hotkey for minimizing windows is Win+X 


You can optionally set it to load at system start up, by checking the box Load on StartUp, moreover you will see a new entry system menu entry on every opened window which says Minimize To Tray [ as shown in the image below ]


Download Window Minimizer


  1. Cegorach says

    Just so you know, it doesn’t minimize ANY program to the start menu, just most/alot of them.

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