Mind It When You Place Laptop On Your Knees, Thigh While Using It

Today My article is little bit different and you would have got an idea by the title of this article. We have been constantly telling you about different freewares, tutorials and obviously latest news. But today in this news post we will discussing something very serious related to your health. Now you all know that we do have the habit of putting the laptops on ours laps while working on it. Now if we carefully take a look at the name of this familiar device ‘Laptop’, then you can see that it something which should be kept at the ‘top of your Lap’.

You may have not felt any problem, but as per different experts your testicles are seriously affected by this habit of yours. Scrotum or testicles have a certain normal temperature and if their  temperature is raised then then the sperm quality is highly affected. Whenever you sit with the laptop on your lap and your legs crossed then you might not feel anything extraordinary but ,within only 15 minutes the temperature of the human scrotum crosses the danger level, which is really very harmful. Some of us might be using some Laptop pads to be safe but then they are also not the complete solution. Scrotum are really sensitive to heat released by that device and once they get heated they need huge amount of time to be at the normal temperature again. So its better if you put your laptop on the table and then work or you can just do anything to put that thing away from your lap.

Generally the temperature is increased above around 2.5 degree Celsius from the normal temperature of scrotum. Now, if I tell you about a fact which has been discovered in US then you might get shocked. People from the American Urological Association have observed that one of the 6 couples in US is having problem in conceiving baby and generally the root cause of this problem are men. Now, you can see that how chronically this problem may be and how disastrous can be its results. So, I will recommend that please do take care of your posture from next time and mind each and every one who is not aware of this problem. Please let us know about any further details related to this topic. We will be glad to share it so keep reading, take a good care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

[ Source – Reuters ]

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