Microsoft Will Not Stop Users From Jailbreaking Windows Phone 7

After a long time I will be writing something latest regarding Windows Phone 7. Recently we mentioned a tool which was developed in order to jailbreak the Windows Phone 7 and before that we also mentioned that an Australian hacker was able to jailbreak this OS and there we also mentioned that Microsoft might take any harsh step against it but then the post which I will be writing today will tell you the real attitude of Microsoft towards their newly developed Windows Phone 7. In this post I will be telling you that what Microsoft actually feels about the jailbreak of their latest Mobile OS.


We really expected that Microsoft will try its best to catch up those programmers who did this their OS but then they have unexpectedly done nothing into this matter. Instead they have decided that they will not poke their nose deep inside this matter. Microsoft has decided that they will not be running after the programmers or hackers who are indulged in jailbreak of Windows Phone 7.

Unlike Apple they will not be troubling the one who is responsible for jailbreak of Windows Phone 7, though they developed this OS from scratch and should have been conscious about getting it jailbreak but still Microsoft will never encourage this practice as it clearly states that jailbreak of Windows Phone 7 may ruin the OS and then your precious data may be leaked out. So they do not care who so ever jailbreak this OS but Microsoft will never advise any user to go for this solution at any cost. So, you can go for using Chevron WP7 and get your phones loaded with all the third party applications.

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