Microsoft Released Facebook Desktop Client Based On Silverlight 4 Beta Platform

Microsoft has just released a great and much user friendly facebook desktop supported on both Mac OS X and Windows, This facebook desktop client is based in silverlight 4.0 so in order to use this facebook client you would need to install silverlight 4.0 which can be done from the site directly from where you can download this silverlight facebook client.


Here is how it looks like, when you authorize it after entering your username and password, when it loads full news feed.


It offers 3 types of layout to load the content as per you facebook page the first one is shown above and second is grid layout shown in the image below.


Third layout is nothing but photo feed as shown in the image below


You can browse different sections of your profile like people, photos, events and read message in facebook inbox. Here are some more screen shots of this application.


You can also see all the latest news feeds and other notifications as photos feed.


Some Key Features Of This Application are as follows

1. Out-of-browser support
2. Hosting HTML content interactively
3. Local Device access (webcam)
4. Rich-Text control
5. Embedding alternative media content (i.e., YouTube)
6. Desktop notifications
7. COM integration (with Outlook) on the Windows platform
8. Right-click
9. Drag-n-drop
10. Window control
11. Animations

Download Silverlight 4.0 Beta Based Facebook Desktop Client [ Source: ithinkdifferent ]

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