Microsoft Released Another Update To Check Windows 7 Pirated Versions Running Your Computer

Many of the users while working at home do not prefer to go for Original Windows OS and this fact annoys Microsoft a lot and that is the reason they released an update which will take care of this problem from their point. In this post we will talk about this new update being released by Microsoft for Windows 7 named as KB971033 for the pirated OS and if you are using then how you can save yourself from that update.

You can see the screenshot of the modified wallpaper which can be seen on any of the computer which is using the pirated version of Windows 7, if you are using the pirated version of Windows 7 then you will just have to stop your computer from downloading the updates from the internet and for this you will have to perform the steps mentioned below. Before going further I would like to tell you that is you failed to stop your system to install this update then you this update will snatch away many features from your OS, thus making it inconvenient and useless for you.

Click the Start button and then go to Control Panel.


Under Control Panel you will find an option of System and Security as mentioned below in the screenshot.



Under this you will find an option of Automatic update. Select it and change the settings to do not allow your system to download the updates automatically or even if it downloads it then it should not allow it to
install the updates automatically. The new update which will check for the piracy is KB971033, so if you wish to install any of the update remember never to install this one.



That’s it you will be able to use your pirated OS comfortably and if you are already using the Genuine Windows then this tutorial is not meant for you, as you can download the updates and keep on using your OS without any restriction. I hope that this information was quite useful for you, so please share it with your friends and let us know if you face any issues while using this tutorial.

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