Microsoft Outlook In System Tray With HideOutlook Which Provides More Functions To Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook during work most of the time you end up opening outlook to read mails, you keep Microsoft Outlook running and showing up in windows where it occupies space and resources both. How ever outlook by default allows you to hide outlook and minimize to system tray when it is minimized. We had previously written about how to Send a .swf or ActiveX File via Outlook, how to recover deleted or modified mail attachment in outlook and free spam filter addon for outlook and how to solve outlook not responding


But as per this option you can only hide outlook when it is minimized by you, recently we cam across another freeware called HideOutlook which allows you to minimize outlook to system tray very easily and provide hell lot of other functions for outlook directly from system tray.


You can hide and show outlook very easily just by right clicking the system tray icon of the application, and more over you can perform various outlook tasks such as new Email Message, new Post, new Appointment, new Task, new Contact, new journal entry, new note very easily just by right clicking the HideOutlook tray icons and selecting these shortcuts. [ as shown in the image below ]      


Download HideOutlook Version 1.0.18 [ Direct Link ]

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