Microsoft Official Download Manager For Windows 7 or Later

Those who have Internet Download Manager or any other Download Managing utility installed on their system, generally prefer a managed way to download all the downloads or in other words they prefer to manage the downloads by switching any download On or OFF as per the priority of the files being downloaded can go for trying a new utility by Microsoft which can be used for managing all the downloads on your system, its User interface is very simple. In this post we will know more about this utility and we will also know that how it will work on the system.


Most of the times we go for using these utilities to download a video from any of the page, you can also use this utility by Microsoft to do the same. As you can see the screenshot shown above, you will just have to paste the URL of that particular file and then it will automatically download that file from internet, apart from this while download large number of files you can manage the downloads by pausing them and then resuming them. Once you click the next download button a small window will appear in which the correct URL is supposed to be entered.

Once you click go it will start the download and then you will be able to see the description of the file and the other in the main application window. The size of the tool is very small, it is just around 1 MB but it is not portable. The link to download this tool has been mentioned at the bottom of the post, moreover the tool has been tested on the latest version Windows and it has been created by Microsoft, so you cannot expect to show any installation error on any of the version of Windows. I hope that you will find this tool quite useful, so if you face any issue then please put them in the comments section.

Download Microsoft Download Manager

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