Microsoft Office Web Apps Now Compatible With Linux, Mac

Microsoft released its Office Web Apps but there was a problem about its usage, as initially they were only compatible with Windows platform and with Internet Explorer browser. But you might have observed in your daily life that people have different Platforms to browse on internet and if Microsoft stuck to a single platform then it might be impossible for the Microsoft to facilitate the users. In this post I will be telling you about the solution which has been opted by Microsoft in order to provide the access of Web Apps to maximums of the users.


Now the Apps are compatible with Safari on Mac, Mozilla Firefox on Windows, Linux and Mac, Internet Explorer on Windows. So, they have increased the platform for the usage of their web Apps, though Microsoft tried to cover many of the browsers but they did not cover Google Chrome (which is one of the emerging browsers these days), the reason is simple they selected only those platforms which is highly used now a days, though Google Chrome may be the fastest but it is also highly unsecure. All the platforms mentioned above are highly used nowadays and hence they were selected for the web Apps.

Besides this Microsoft also recommends that a users should go for Silverlight which really help you to improve the services offered by Web-Apps (specially Word and Power-point) by adding certain feature to them. I would say that this solution is not complete as still there are many users who are very much comfortable while working with Google Chrome, so sooner or later they will have to take care of these users also. Let’s see that what will be the next improvement in the Web Apps.

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