@microsoft News Twitter Id Changed To @MSFTnews

Hello Readers!!! Today I will be sharing a very small news with you which is somewhat related to Microsoft or I should say that it is basically related to the publically displayed information related to Microsoft. The news states that from now onwards every consumer related information of Microsoft will be there at a single place but again the problem is that the name of the twitter information feeds will be changed. In this news post I will be telling you about the new changes done by Microsoft to its information feeds and how to overcome the problem of re-subscribing if the name of the feeds has been changed.


All the news which was covered by Microsoft related to Kinetic, Xbox 360, Software Products, Windows Phone 7 and all the other services or the products were shared by the other users from the twitter feeds. This twitter feed was named as @Microsoft but now this name has been changed to @MSFTnews. There is no need to worry because you will not have to do anything for subscribing these tweets, only the name has been changed and so you will be automatically subscribed to the new named feeds. The content may vary becaus