Microsoft Issued Patches For 49 Vulnerabilities In Windows 7

It has always been a trend that after the release of the operating System by Microsoft the vulnerabilities are detected through out the period it stays in the market and then patches are provided for those vulnerabilities every month. Different hacker are always in a chance to get the hands on those vulnerabilities as they can make best out of it. By using these vulnerabilities they can get access on any application of your system or if the vulnerability is critical then then even can get the control on the whole system.

These patches are released every months in form of updates done by Microsoft and that is the reason that your computer should always be updated with the latest updates. In this post I will be telling you about the vulnerabilities which were patched up recently by Microsoft. Few of them were marked as critical and totally it was reported that  49 vulnerabilities were detected.

49!!!!! just think of it. Vulnerabilities were associated with the Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, .Net and Windows itself. Now you can very well expect that what is the probability of being attacked as only the exploitation of a single vulnerability is enough to put you into trouble. 16 patches have been released in order to patch these vulnerabilities and it has been informed by Amol Sarawate, the research manager of Computer security that the vulnerabilities which have been informed by the geeks are considered to be the White Hat hacker or I should say that the team of hackers who are there for us for testing the products which are released in the market.

The team of Black Hat hacker is still out there who is searching for more vulnerabilities and even if they get to lay there hands on these vulnerabilities before White Hat hackers then it will be a problem for us. So, this Tuesday Microsoft will be coming up with the patches which are to be downloaded and installed on your system. Till now Microsoft has patched only three out of four vulnerabilities exploited by Stuxnet’s virus and this virus has been found in India, Australia, Iran Britain and there may be few more. So, lots and lots of work is supposed to be done regarding it.

We will keep you updated with latest information regarding this topic as we will let you know that hoe many vulnerabilities have been covered in this issue of Tuesday Patch. Meanwhile if you come across any information then please let us by putting it down in the comments section as we will be glad to share it with all the other readers.

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