Media Files, Image Upload On WordPress Blog With Drag and Drop In WordPress Editor

It been 4 long years when I met Matt Mullenweg, at wordcamp happened in Delhi at Adobe Noida office. At that we had a large number of interesting sessions there on wordpress, SEO and websites. At that time Matt taken some suggestions on how would he can make wordpress better and more useful for users in future.

At that time I submitted this suggestion from my end which stated is wordpress editor could be more easy to use while uploading pictures in wordpress editor when one writes a blog post. Now recently when I upgraded wordpress to 3.3.1 I noticed the media uploader has changed a lot, media upload icon has changed as you can see in the image below.

wordpress media uploader

Once you click this icon to upload a image or media file into your blog post, you will see the option to drag and drop the image upload as shown in the image below.

image upload via drag and drop wordpress

This way you can not only upload images as well as other media files like audio files, video files.

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