Manage Windows Programs and Features With Comodo Program Manager

If you really care about your system and expect that whenever any important change occurs in your system then you should be aware about it, even if that software does has a support to notify you, then i have a wonderful tool for you which is named as Comodo Programs Manager, which will help you to have a complete updated information about all the tools, drivers and Operating System updates installed on your system.

According to me i will remark this tool as ‘Wonderful’ because of its beautiful appearance and better User-Interface. We have already reviewed a similar tool known as ‘System Nucleus’ which included all the important information related to the Updates in you Operating System, drivers installed on your system, all the softwares installed on your system and also the system configuration. This tool has its own advantage as discussed in above in the paragraph. It will not only include the hardware drivers, but can also handle the drivers and registries associated with the other softwares installed on your system.

31-Jul-10 11-54-30 PM

As you can see from the application window that it has a ‘Home’ icon which includes the summary of the number programs installed, the space occupied by them, the number of drivers and services installed, the space occupied by them, features of your OS available and the number of updates installed.

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The program option will show you all the programs or application installed on your system and then from here you can either repair them or uninstall them. The second option ‘Drivers and Services’ will include all the hardware drivers and the registries related to the applications, here you can uninstall any driver related to any of you hardware or software. The snapshot of the first option is shown above and that of the second option is shown below.

31-Jul-10 11-55-00 PM

31-Jul-10 11-55-56 PM

In the features section you can see all the features of you OS which are enabled or disable as they will be enlisted in the application window, you can also enable or disable any feature in your Operating System. The forth section is of Windows Update, it will include the updates which have been installed for your Operating System, you may uninstall them as per your convenience.

31-Jul-10 11-54-14 PM

The size of this tool is around 9 Mb and still it will not take much time to get installed and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to use this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

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