Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services From One Page

Cloud computing is becoming popular day by day and so are the software and technologies related with it. We all know, how everyone is getting used to these cloud services nowadays and there are already large number of service providers which are providing storage and other services related with cloud computing. One may use different services and may end up in confusion that where to locate which file on these cloud storages. For this, lately one utility has been developed which can help the users in such scenarios. Today, we are going to discuss this utility and will try to discover how this utility may prove to be a help for you.

Joukuu is basically a small, easy to use and a really helpful software which allows the user to access and manage online storage from multiple cloud services. This utility allows you to manage your files in Google Docs, Dropbox and and that too from a single place, just as if your files were on the desktop without even bothering about all the three different locations. As we already mentioned that today we all know that there are several online storage providers available that they offer free online disk space in the form of cloud storage. Although, all such services provides you with their own web interfaces through which you can access the online files but if we compare them with Joukuu, then you may observe that this utility provides a single place to access all the 3 accounts.


You may download the utility from the link given below and may observe that it is a wonderful utility, and although there are other programs also that make online storage appear like a drag-and-drop-able folders but this one is the first one that can access several online storage accounts at the same time which makes it really a special one.


If we look toward the features of the utility then we may observe that for Joukuu lite, you can drag local files to Joukuu and drop to the folders on the accounts to which ever you want to add. Similarly, you may also download and delete the files. One of the best feature is that you may drag-drop the files between different accounts and folders which makes the transfer so easy.

So, overall we can say that it is an excellent concept, but you may observe that the interface is a bit strange – maybe too innovative. So, just download the utility and try out its features.

Download Joukku Lite

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