Manage Multiple Apps & Programs Opened On Mac OS X With Deskovery

Mac OS X is an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive system, it helps you focus your energy on what you want to do and minimizes the time you spend on configuring/managing your system. The desktop and environment have been designed in such a way that they are unobtrusive, and do not hamper your productivity in any way.

Deskovery is a desktop management app for Mac OS X (currently free) that helps you tweak your desktop experience and removes small little annoyances that people have reported with the very polished Mac OS X desktop environment. Deskovery is a small 1.3 MB .pkg, which means it installs a system service and is difficult to cleanly remove. This is something I usually dislike, developers who distribute utilities that modify the system should also take care to provide a clean uninstall script along with it.

Ever used Compiz on a Linux system? Deskovery includes support for the famous ‘wobbly windows’ effect from Compiz, which is just eye candy, but a pretty cool effect nonetheless. This effect is enabled by default (you can turn it off in the Preferences pane) and to experience it, all you have to do is drag around a window.

Another cool feature is the window list. By default, if you move your cursor to the left edge of the screen, it will bring up a list of all windows (see screenshot below) opened on the current Space (if you use Spaces) or all open windows otherwise, which enables easy switching.

While this is a cool feature if you have a lot of similar looking windows opened on a particular Space, and it is difficult to distinguish between them without looking at their titles, otherwise it doesn’t provide any benefit over using Expose, which is a built-in Mac OS X feature, and binding Expose to a hot corner (for example I just move my cursor to the top-right corner to activate Expose).

One Click Resize

Probably this is one of the most impressive features, especially useful for doing transfers between multiple Finder windows on the same space. When you click the the green colored ‘optimize’ button on a window, a small pop-up appears, that looks like this:

By choosing one of the presets from this small pop-up, you can align your window in the desired manner with 1 click. You can also choose to make a window transparent.

Misc Preferences

A lot of other preferences are available which optimize various aspects of desktop window management:

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