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Many a times we find it difficult to remember all the things to be done. Specially, when we are piled up with a number of tasks either we forget some of them or we can’t perform properly due to the overburden. So, there arise the need of task management. And the good option for this is Google Tasks. We can add the tasks and its details whenever we want. Though the application is very helpful and easy to use. But if talk about going to the webpage every time we have to make a new entry, it is quiet difficult. So, I would like to review an extension named as Google Tasks.

Google Tasks is a very small Google Chrome Extension which will be installed very fast. And it will present next to the address bar along with the other extensions. It will help you to enter, delete or manage the tasks from the browser. There is no need to that particular page to make the changes. The snapshot below displays the interface of the extension.

Google Tasks (by Google) - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome_2011-06-19_23-31-01

The interface is exactly same as is provided by your email id webpage. So, you don’t have problems managing it. The Add and Delete options will do the corresponding functions. Actions have the similar options like Indent, Email Check List, Sort by Due Date and others.  Now you can make a new entry in three ways:

  1. Write click on the icon on the right hand top corner and the task.
  2. If you have to enter the task from a webpage: Select the content –> Right Click –> Create Tasks. The webpage link will be automatically copied in the details. Though you can delete it if not required.
  3. Also you can enter from the address bar: Type t and press Tab or Spacebar. It will display Google Tasks as shown in the snapshot below. Now you enter the task. It can be done from the address bar and your webpage will also not be affected.

Google Tasks Extension Brings Super-Fast Task Management to Chrome - Lifehacker _2011-06-19_23-27-26

Further, if you have to add details of the task. Click on the arrow in front of each task. The options as shown in the snapshot below will be available for you. Enter the due date and the related information and go back to the list.

Google Tasks (by Google) - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome_2011-06-19_23-30-32

These were all the options Google Tasks provides the users. I hope you must have liked the extension. So, enjoy managing the tasks in a very easy and convenient method.

Install Google Tasks

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