Find Same, Repeat, Double Images With Duplicate Picture Finder

Wallpapers, Images, Photos etc are what people like us store in bulk on our Personal computers and are still unwilling to manage them. Managing certainly is a very difficult and problematic task where you pick each and every picture and try to place in a different folder.

Placing isn’t a difficult task but again placing them in a particular order is. And imagine if you have a few hundred pictures in case someone is a photographer, now the problem would arise and will be a lot bigger since managing hundreds of pictures is the worst part you would like to do.

Another problem which turns up is of duplicate pictures found in the same folder where you have placed all your pictures and sometimes these duplicate images create a lot of confusion where people also end up deleting some of their pics which they shouldn’t have and regret later.

So how can one manage so many pictures at once and copy them in a separate folder in order of date of creation, if possible? There is an answer to this which is hardly 50KB is size and is of great usefulness at times when management is required. The utility is called as Duplicate Picture Finder(DPF).

TipFind Duplicate Files With Different Names

Steps to Manage and Remove Duplicate Pictures

  • The interface of the software is very simple and using it is even simpler where one just needs to provide the destination folder or the source folder of the pictures and just underneath it the target folder.

Duplicate Picture Finder

  • After selecting the folders one has to click on Get Types after which the types/formats of different pictures will be displayed in the window.

Duplicate Picture Finder rocess

  • Once the software lists all the image formats click the Process button which eventually creates folders and subfolders in your target folder according to the date of creation of pictures and adds them accordingly.

Dulicate Picture Finder Target Folder

  • At last close the program and check your target folder.

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Each file type is classified into two categories, namely Photos and Other and if any of the folders contains files with same name or date of creation or same size then this intelligent utility will add all these pictures to the target folder but with a different suffix in order to distinguish them.

Download Duplicate Picture Finder

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