Manage Different Startup Programs Profiles With StartupSelector

There may be many startup programs in your windows startup list, but you may want only specific programs to load in your profile, but when you disable some startup program and stop it load in windows startup, you will need to manually enable it through msconfig configuration tool.

In such a case there is a free tool called Startup Selector which allows you make a profile of the current startup programs, you can add or remove startup program in this profile. So as per different configurations you just need to select the startup programs as per a user profile requirement and the run this application to save that startup profile with list of programs you have selected in msconfig configuration.

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This application load the windows default configuration profile, it is recommended that you save current configuration of the program so that you can load it later. This program requires installation and works well on not 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

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This program right now does not support loading different configuration profiles for multiple users, but in the future versions of this application hopefully that feature will be implemented.

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Download Startup Selector [ Via Ghacks ]

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