Make Windows to Boot by default on Macbook with Bootcamp rather than Mac OS X

There is no doubt that Mac OS X is easier to use and adapt for a user then to learn windows, but some of the users who can’t afford a make are equally happy with windows as well, so there are many users who would buy a macbook because of its great design and hardware and then later installer windows on it with bootcamp.

One of my friend asked me the other day on how he can make windows boot in default, as every time he wants to boot in windows installed on his macbook with bootcamp software, he need to press the alt or option key at the time of boot of macbook so that mac os startup manager  shows up the default start up os you can boot into, there it shows windows and mac os x partition and here you he need to select windows to boot with windows on his macbook which is installed with bootcamp.

Mac OS X Startup Manager

Now unless you press Option key at the time of boot or before you hear the boot sound, it will by default will be booted in mac os even if you have windows installed and you may want to boot in windows. This is really annoying for most of the users, as they have to press a button at the right time just to boot in windows installed on their macbook or any other mac os x pc.

Boot In Windows 7 or 8 Without Pressing Option Key On Macbook or Any Other Macintosh PC

Please Note: In order to do this, make sure you have installed the bootcamp drivers as well in windows after installing it with using bootcamp software in mac os x.

Once you have installed the boot camp drivers for the version of windows you are running, you will see the Bootcamp Control Panel icon in the system tray in taskbar in windows.

Boot camp

Right click on this icon and select Bootcamp Control Panel

Boot camp control panel windows

Under bootcamp control panel, Under Startup disk tab click Bootcamp partition where you have windows installed and then select apply to set the bootcamp partition as target disk to boot by default.

Set widnows to boot by default on macbook

Next time you restart your macbook, it will boot in windows by default without you to press any key at the time of boot.

How To Boot In Mac OS X After Setting Windows For Default Boot

In order to boot with Mac OS X, you will need to now press the Alt or Option key to open up the Mac OS X startup manager which again allows you to choose the mac os x disk to boot into Mac OS X.


This is fairly simple tip, but could be really useful for many users out there, if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page trough the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

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