Make Windows 7 Desktop Appear Like Mac OS X Lion

If you have ever seen a Mac or worked on it then you would always why can’t I have that theme on my Windows operating system. Apple is known to make its products in such a way that  people has always liked them. Everyone who have Apple products and also the ones who don’t have Apple product always crave of having them no matter how expensive they are. But today for all those people who have always wanted to work on a Mac OS I have got an application named Lion Skin Pack 11.

This application will give you a Mac OS experience on your Windows. The application will install the theme of the latest Apple Mac OS X Lion on your Windows 7 desktop, so even if you are running your Windows 7 operating system you will get the feel as you are running the latest MAC OS X Lion on your system. Before you go ahead with the installation I would like you to make a restore point so that you can revert back easily without any hassle and also you don’t loose any settings and data. The comes with the option of two types of installers offline and online installer. You should prefer using the online installer as it will come with the auto bug fixes.

Lion Skin Pack 4SJ-X86 3

This is how your computer or laptop will look after you will open it up for the first time after downloading and installing the Lion Theme Pack. As we can see like Mac OS X Lion there is a Dock at the bottom of the window and the taskbar is at the top of the window. When you will click o the Apple button you will get the modified Start Menu. The start menu is same as it is in windows. Lion Skin Pack 4SJ-X86 2

This is how the windows explorer looks in Mac OS X Lion. The window has three different colored circles on the top right hand corner i.e. green(minimize), yellow(maximize) and red(close).

Lion Skin Pack 4SJ-X86 6

On the top in the Apple bar there will also be a Apple search option which will activate the Mac search when you will click on it. The Mac search will give you various types of options like Advanced search options, preferences and many more.

Lion Skin Pack 4SJ-X86 7

This is the window which you will get in order to modify the Dock Settings. The Dock Settings ha four options General, Icons, Position, Style, Behavior and About.

Download Lion Skin Pack 11.

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