Make vista aero more transparent and apply custom themes in vista with vistaglazz

VistaGlazz is a small freeware which lets you enable aero to greater extent in windows vista, also lets you patch the system files to apply new custom mssstyles 3rd party themes in vista.

In windows vista the transparency on the windows remains until you maximize the windows as aero does not work on maximized windows in vista, But VistaGlazz ensures transparency effects in maximized windows of vista also.


Let’s see how can you make aero work on maximized windows in vista and how can you apply custom themes in vista with vistaglazz

Make Aero Work On Maximized Windows

In order to make aero to work on maximized windows, Run VistaGlazz and you need to click the icon shown below 


Now, click Patch style button in the next window


That’s it, display will blink for a second and then it will show the aero effects on maximized windows.

Add custom themes in windows vista with VistaGlazz

Run VistaGlazz and click on the icon shown below


Now, click the Patch Files button in the next window


When you click Patch files button, it will patch vista system files to support 3rd party custom styled themes.

You will need to reboot your computer for changes to apply the patch, after reboot you can place any custom styled theme at the path below


Any new theme placed at the path above will show up in themes, you can set the new theme by right clicking on desktop and Select Personalize, Themes and select the theme to apply.


  1. Drajat AG says

    please help me.

    after im intsalling on my laptop, vistaglazz require rebooting happen again, happen again, happen again and do not finish.

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