Make Taskbar Disappear In Windows 7

Windows taskbar is a bar which is by default displayed on the bottom of your desktop screen. It is designed to quickly launch and monitor the running applications. It normally includes Start menu button,Quick Launch bar, taskbar buttons, and system tray from left to right. But the little problem with taskbar is that it captures the small bottom area of your screen all the time and doesn’t allow to view any application at full screen.

You can hide the taskbar by using lots of applications available over web or by simply customizing windows default settings, but the problem is that hiding taskbar even hides Start menu button. But start menu button is often required by everyone because it is so handy option to run any application or go to any location. So to solve this problem, you can use a nifty tool named ShellWin which partially hides your taskbar except the Start menu button.

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This nifty tool keeps your Start menu button always visible on your desktop screen and even allows you to view all applications in full screen. It is a very light weight application and the best part is that this tool requires no installation. ShellWin is a portable tool and you can carry it on any portable device to run on any other computer.

At the main window, two options are available i.e Hide and Show. Click on Hide to partially hide your taskbar i.e hide everything except your start menu button. You can see below how your desktop will look like with the Taskbar hidden while retaining the Start Button.

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You can click on Show to switch back your taskbar to default view. Now the last option available is the Combo Box. This box can be used as dual purpose i.e for maximizing any opened application and bring it to foreground and second purpose is that you can execute any application by simply giving command in this box like you can write regedit to open your Registry Settings.

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Hence this tool will be very useful for monitoring all the application when you hide your taskbar. And once you hide your taskbar using this tool, you can close it anytime and best thing is that it won’t even run in background. Hence this nifty tool won’t even effect the performance of your system.

The size of ShellWin is just 120 Kb and you can run it directly from its exe file. This nifty freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 Bit Edition.

Download ShellWin

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