Make Some Photo Albums Thumbnail Bigger on Facebook

Facebook is no doubt one of the most widely used social networking website at the time of writing this post, facebook has recently added some more new feature which allows you to do little bit more with your photos in facebook photo albums either on your profile, you can bring attention on some photos by making them bigger by using the new highlight feature and another feature that will work on your photos as well as on the photos of your friend profiles on facebook allows you to simple like or comment on a photo by hovering the mouse over it.

Highlight Photos on Your Facebook Profile 

For this you will first need to login in facebook and then need to navigate to facebook photos under your profile, you will see all the photos with thumbnails and then you can click on star symbol to highlight certain photos.


This is how you can highlight photos and then they will display a bigger thumbnail than others as shown in the image below.


Another feature rolled out in facebook photos allows you to like your or other user facebook photos, you can simply hover the mouse to and then you can like or comment on the photo easily.


You can simply like the photo by hovering mouse on the picture to access the option to like or comment on the photo.

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