Make Snagit Run Faster & Respond Quick While Taking Screenshots

I have been using snagit for a long time now, when it comes to taking great screenshots it is one of the best tool to take screenshots easily and fast. It offers so many ways and functions of take screenshots including web pages, windows object, a window or a region etc.

I am using snagit 9 these days, but after using it for 2 months I realised that it has become slow with time. Whenever we take screenshots with snagit, after taking the screenshots it opens up the snagit editor which allows you to edit the photos and add text, highlight sections in the image etc.

With time you may find snagit editor becomes slow and opens with a delay, It happens because every time you take a snapshot with Snagit it keeps on storing the snapshots and list them which makes the editor to open slowly sometimes after taking the snapshot.

You can make snagit respond faster by deleting all those unused captured screenshots from its bin, follow the procedure below to do the same.

Take a snapshot and open the snagit editor or open it directly, then list out all the recent captures stored as shown in the image below.


Press Ctrl+A to select all of them and then press Ctrl+Shift+Del to delete theme all in one go, you will need to confirm your action.


Once all these recent captures has been delete you will find snagit responding more faster than before, we hope you like this simple snagit tip, do let us know if you have any other tip to share.


  1. Chris McQueen says

    Word of warning… If you delete files out of the Snagit 9 Library they are also deleted from your system hard drive. So, if I opened “my-vacation-picture.jpg” in Snagit 9 and then deleted it from the Snagit Library, the image will be gone.

    In Snagit 10 we changed it, so just take care that you delete the files you really want deleted. Hope this helps someone before they try this trick.

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