Make Silent, Mute Click Sound In Internet Explorer 9

You might have read or you might be reading an article which states the tutorial to remove the navigation sound from your Internet explorer. The tutorial mentioned previously was for the IE 8 and previous version, the reason behind this was that the settings for IE 9 are not location at the same location where you changed the settings for IE 8. In this post I will be telling you about the tutorial with the help of which can do the same with your IE 9 browser also.

As you know that IE 9 is the latest version of Internet Explorer and moreover Microsoft claimed that this browser will be very user friendly and that is the reason that  IE 9 is little bit improvised and thus they have got their separate settings in the browser itself. Just follow the steps mentioned below as a part of tutorial.

  • Click the gear (Settings) icon available on the top right hand side of the browser, a menu list will be generated.


  • Select the Internet Option among that list and then you will see an application as mentioned in the snapshot below.


  • The Play sound option as highlighted in the snapshot is disabled by default but if you want to enable it then you can check that box and then click ‘OK’ or you can uncheck the box if this has been changed by anyone from the system.


Checking the box will switch ON the sound and unchecking it will make the sound OFF. So, you can toggle it as per your convenience. I hope that this tutorial will help you to solve the purpose. So, go on sharing this nice tutorial with your friends and then please let us know about your experience and your feedback, if you face any problem while performing this tutorial then please let us know as we might be able to help you. Moreover if you have got a better idea to perform the same task then please let us know by putting it in the comments section and if we found it genuine and better then we will share it with all the other readers on your behalf. Till then keep reading.

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