Make Photo Galleries and Publish Them To Flickr

A blogger tries everyday to make his/her blog more beautiful and undoubtedly the images enhance the beauty and the attractiveness of your blog. So, generally the problem faced by the blogger is the insufficient collection of images and surfing through each and every page on internet takes hell lot of time. So like any other I am here to solve your problem and I am going to solve this one with the help of Visual Light Box 3.2.

This tool will create a great domain for the images and pictures and so you will be able to select the beast suitable image for your blog without ransacking many pages. You can very well see from the snapshot that it will add all the pictures in the blank space given in between the application window.


As you can see from the snapshot given below that you can add the images from the folders present on your system or you can just enter the link of the page of flicker from where you can extract all the other images. This freeware will only be able to extract the images from flicker; it cannot download the images or pictures from any other site, that’s why this tool is also called as “Flicker at home”.


After adding the link, you will have to choose the number of images which are suppose to be downloaded, you can download all the pictures or you can enter a certain number in it. After adding all the images you can click publish, which may either publish those images to a folder or you can add FTP link to the publish settings, which may be useful to publish those pictures onto your blog.


Besides adding the images it also creates a slideshow and the images on the webpage which looks similar to the snapshot shown above. You can also change the theme or design of your thumbnails and the templates by changing the settings under ‘Publish’ application window. It creates the slideshow in your blog by adding a small code in HTML to your webpage which makes the page more attractive and beautiful.


This tool is compatible with all the version of Windows and MAC operating systems, but it has been checked only on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So I can say that this freeware is atleast compatible with Windows OS.

Download Visual Light Box 3.2

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