Make Keyboard & Mouse Inactive

There are times when there are some naughty kids coming over to your place, In order to stop your data from getting deleted or anything wrong happening to your desktop files you should better disable keyboard and mouse to function.


We have already posted about how to disable or restrict keyboard, mouse or power button. Today we tell you about another very simple and easy to use freeware program called KeyboardLock which allows you to stop keyboard and mouse to work.

KeyboardLock application uses system hooks to detect pressing keys and mouse buttons, This application hooks keyboard and mouse system events. If such event is raised, the application marks it as handled, so the event is not passed to the active window.


Note: This behaviour may be recognized by various anti-spyware software as dangerous, the application does not log the keys you press in any way.

Anytime Unlock Keyboard & Mouse

You can simply unlock your keyboard and mouse entering the password phrase you specified in the application itself.

PS: Does It Sounds easy ? does it not? Well, there is a slight problem: no software can protect your laptop from a baby with a piece of bread

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