Make Firefox Faster With Your Old Firefox Profile – Delete All Firefox History In One Go

This article is dedicated to all the firefox lovers out there who are struggling with slow speed firefox and crashing issues. Firefox is one such browser who has been my favourite since the time I first tried to use Firefox 1.5 from that I have moved to firefox and it is the primary browser for me till this date, there are several improvements that have been done now the latest version of firefox is Firefox 3.5 which I using right now.

With time there are lot more things that have been changed in firefox which has made it a better and secure browser than before to use, but with new cool browser from google called google chrome which is far more faster than firefox in operation people has started moving towards google chrome because it is faster and easier to understand and use.

But as we all know google chrome is in development stage so it cannot provide some good features which are there in firefox like and it does not support much more extensions which provide great functions in firefox. 

But new version of firefox 3.5.x crashes so often and does not even closes when you shutdown the firefox window as reported by some users it keeps running in the background and does not allow you to launch new firefox session.


Here is the solution to the slow firefox issue which is actually slow because of heavy remembered history

Speed Up Firefox By Deleting All The History   

You can simply speed up firefox just like firefox with a fresh new profile by deleting the entire history it has remembered till date for you and changing the history preferences further. Follow the procedure given below

Before me telling you about the deleting history here is how you can backup you history with this free firefox history backup tool

Deleting All History and Other Details Remembered

1. Open Firefox

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del key to delete – make sure you select everything under the time range for the history.


Note: Don’t worry this will not delete your remembered username and password but make sure to uncheck the thing you want not to clean up as the action cannot be undone.

3. Click clear now and instantly you will feel the fast firefox speed after doing this. 


  1. says

    I just love firefox but only thing I hate is amount of addons tend to increase firefox response time. Nice article abhishek, never forget to remove your history.

  2. Bowman says

    What’s the problem? I have about 15 addons and tons of bookmarks, Firefox is almost as fast as Chrome and the speed tradeoff isn’t worth Chrome’s lack of features and customization. Since Firefox is completely open-source I can change almost anything. I think you guys need to upgrade your RAM or something.

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