Make File Menu Bar Display Permanent In Windows Explorer In Windows 7 and Vista

File Menu bar is nothing but File | Edit | View | Tools | Help bar which was used to be shown on the top of windows explorer from windows xp [ as shown in the image below ]  


But after vista was released file menu bar got invisible intentionally to save space in windows explorer so it will be hidden by default and will get displayed only when you press Alt key on your keyboard once.

Many users appreciated this change as most of them were not used to using menu bar in windows explorer but there are some users which actually use file menu toolbar in windows explorer so they would want it to be shown permanently in windows explorer.

Here is how you can make menu bar display all the time in windows explorer

Follow the procedure given below

1. Open Start Menu >> Run [ or type window key + r ]

2. type gpedit.msc and press Enter. [ This will open up group policy editor ]

3. Now navigate to User Configuration >> Windows Components >> Windows Explorer and double click the entry in the right pane which says Display the menu bar in Windows Explorer


4. Now select the radio button enabled to forcefully enable this setting, so that menu bar will be displayed permanently in windows explorer.


Once the setting is applied, the menu toolbar will display in windows explorer permanently. [ as shown in the image below ]


We hope you like this simple windows 7 tutorial about making menu bar permanent in windows explorer, you can read some more windows 7 tips we had posted before.


  1. clix says

    You can do this easily with my this guide.
    Go to Organize –> Layout –> Menu Bar.

    See Organize button on above image under menubar.

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