Make File Folders Data Unreadable By Others

Security of your files is one of the most important subject that you want to be taken care of. It is obvious that every user irrespective of the domain in which they work, wants their files to be completely secured in their Office PC, Home Computers or even in personal laptops. This subject becomes more serious when the system is being used by many users. For this security purpose, data encryption software provides the best solution by securing all the confidential files and folder against any of the external sources.Today we will tell you how to make file folders data unreadable by others in windows.

But the whole procedure of decoding that encrypted data and files each time in order to use it is time consuming and tiring. So, in order to overcome this issue of security without going into the complexity of encryption and decryption, there must be an application which must work as an open encrypted file or run password protected application without any need to go through the decoding process.

make file folders data unreadable by others

Protect Me! is a small application which serve the purpose mention above and may help the users to great extent in such situations. It has somehow different approach to make sure that the confidential data must be secured and at the same time it must also be accessible from within the encrypted container itself. It does so because it is the container which has been encrypted, not the files which are present and has been located in the container. So, in this way it make sure that the files present inside the container are very much secured and can only be accessed by the user and that too only after entering the correct password which has been set for the container. This encryption is done using AES technique along with the password protection as stated above.

Further in order to provide one more level of security, this smart utility doesn’t store actual password and rather it uses SHA1 for password validation. Therefore, the container file which has been created by it acts like password protected zip or rar file. Although it has great features and it is also small in size with full utility to protect and secure your confidential data, it has some limitations too. It can’t protect very huge data which is bigger than 800 MB in size in one container and it also requires major capacity of RAM while creating that container file.

In order to protect the files, you just need to drag those files over the main interface of the utility shown in the snapshot. After this, you have to press Create Container button available on the interface but before doing this enter password to secure your data. Now, as soon as you press that button the process of encryption starts. So, for trying it out just download it from the below given link.

Download Protect Me and secure your data today.

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