Make Drives Invisible In Windows Explorer With NoDrives Manager

NoDrives manager is a simple free program which lets you hide any windows logical drive simply by selecting a check box in the simple interface of the application itself, how ever it does not restrict the drives access you can access the drive contents by typing the drive letter in address bar. It just makes the drives invisible in windows explorer, but you want lock access to the drive also, you can read our tutorial on how hide drive and lock access in windows before.  


As shown snapshot of the application interface, you just need to select a drive letter, and then click Save changes button, once you click the button it will prompt you the following message box which requires you to log off so that explorer gets restarted and the drive you selected is invisible in windows explorer. 


This tool works in all windows versions released till now, from windows xp to windows 7 and it portable, it modifies registry to hide drives in windows.

Download NoDrives Manager

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