Make Desktop Icons Small In Windows 7 and Vista With DeskIcon

This is a post for all those who don’t like the large icons in windows 7 and vista desktop, as we all know the default size of desktop icons is quite big due to which the desktop icons may take a large desktop space, or they may the spoil the view of your current wallpaper which you can’t see properly due to large size desktop icons in windows 7 and Vista

DeskIcon is a free to use application which resizes the large desktop icons to very small but easily visible and readable icons, below are the snapshots of two desktops before and after using DeskIcon tool.

A Desktop With Large Size Icons


A Desktop With Small Size Icons


In order to revert back to the default large icons sizes on desktop, search for DeskIcon in windows search as shown below and then select DeskIcon Normal [ as shown in the image below ]


or if desktop icons does not revert back to the default large size after selecting the above option then press Ctrl key +  move mouse scroll to get the size of icons you want to see on your desktop.

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  1. techandlife says

    You can adjust the size of desktop icons in Windows 7 using Ctrl + mouse scroll button. Don’t know if it works in Vista.

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