Make Deleted Files, Folder Unrecoverable – Impossible To Recover

When you are opening any confidential or a personal file on a computer or a laptop which is not private then might not feel secure even after permanently deleting them from Shift+Del style because there are certain tool which can be used to recover those files even if they are deleted by shift+Del so this way the deleted files are still recoverable if you want to make deleted files, folder unrecoverable then keep reading this article. Now if you are going to share your system in office with any of your colleague then you might feel uncomfortable while opening any private photo or any other file on  but as usual we will offer you a solution with the help of which you will be able to delete all the files permanently and once they are deleted there will be no trace of them on that computer.


As you can see the screenshot of the files which are being deleted by this tool, you just need to install this and then you are supposed to drag and drop the files which are supposed to be deleted. once you drop them in the application window, you will see that a log will be created will have all the names of the files which are getting deleted. once you click the button deleted all the files will be deleted and then they will never be recovered again. So, carefully select the files before deleting them.


As compared to other tools which we have reviewed this tool is quite simple to operate it will not give any option such as Add, remove etc. like other tool as the only way to put the files in this application is through Drag and Drop only. The size of this tool is around 2MB and it been installed and used on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition. Please click the link mentioned below to download the tool.

Download Zer0

Some other similar tools like this one are Securely DeletePermanently File Delete and DeleteOnClick which you can try in case you don’t like this software interface or feature but on the whole all these software’s does the same thing.

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